Yearling Gathering at Rising Star Ranch now Online in Real Time…Groundbreaking!

One second after midnight tonight,the Yearling Gathering at Rising Star Ranch will be underway. Go to the Auctions tab on our website and you will see the listing of many colts we already have available. Photos and video of each yearling will soon be added and you can bid on them as if you were at a traditional auction 24 hours a day 7 days a week until the last Saturday of the 2017 Celebration.

As with any undertaking of this magnitude we are prepared and expect a few glitches but our IT personnel have reviewed the process and will address any glitches we may have. If you as a user run into any problem please email us so we can address it.

Also any buyers who would like to come to the farm and bid and view the yearlings in person can still do that.

More yearlings will be added each day. We have many Top Shelf yearlings scheduled to appear. If your looking for the “Good Stuff”, we got it.

We are very excited and hope you enjoy this auction half as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

David W. Williams

Rising Star Ranch

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