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Out On Parole Pusher's Doing Time The Pusher C.G. Drug Dealer
Go Boys Blue Gal M.
Pride's Top Doll Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Triple Darling
Pride's Golden Doll Pride's Gold Coin Pride of Midnight H.F.
Delight's Joanna
Bo-Mar's Party Doll Sir Winston S.
McKay's May Queen
Bet On Black Black Vengeance Pusher's Doling Time The Pusher C.G.
Pride's Top Doll
Priceless Pride's Gold Coin
CC's Jet
Coin's Best Bet Pride's Gold Coin Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Delight's Joanna
Pride's Top Doll Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Triple Darling


Owner: Jennifer Pendleton and Samantha Green

2024 Stud Fee: $500 due prior to breeding

DOB: 11/01/2009

TWHBEA Number 20905696
Horse Name ESCAPEE
Color Black
Markings Near Hind Fetlock, Broken Strip
Height 15.1 hands
Historical Pedigree              Champion Progeny
Entered Stud 2022

2023 Reserve World Champion Ladies Show Pleasure 
2022 World Champion Owner Amateur Novice Show Pleasure

Escapee is a World Champion son of Out On Parole and out of the Black Vengeance daughter Bet On Black. He boasts 3 of the best Gold Coin daughters in his pedigree our breed has seen. Bred and raised by knowledgeable breeder Walt Chism, his pedigree is put together better than NASA’s plan for the moon shot. His pedigree is an example of line breeding the best of Gold Coin and the top producing mare and dam of Pusher’s Doing Time, Pride’s Top Doll. He comes from the same mare line as Res. World Champion Ultimate Warrior and Res. World Champion Miss Peaches ‘N Cream. His mare line has been a tremendous show horse producer.

According to David Williams proprietor of Sugar Creek and TWHBEA Master Breeder, “I remember the first time I saw Escapee. It was a very cold day in late February of 2016 at Wiser Farm, the Nelsons from Arkansas were training him for Walt Chism. He was already 6 and had never shown. A few invited trainers were there and when the Nelsons rode him everybody wanted him. He was as talented and free and easy going as any horse I have seen. He was purchased later at a six-figure price. He made his impression on me that day. Today I have many flat shod enthusiasts looking for an Out On Parole replacement. In my opinion what made Out On Parole such a flat shod producer is his Pride’s Gold Coin dam, Pride’s Golden Doll who I had the privilege to care for during my tenure at Blackhawk Farm. Escapee has a tremendous Pride’s Gold Coin influence in his pedigree that I truly feel will make an impact in the showring today and years to come. He is very reasonably priced, and I feel will produce the type of horse that many flat shod enthusiasts are highly successful with.”

Escapee is the 2022 Novice Show Pleasure World Champion and has been a Top 4 finisher in the highly competitive O/A Show Pleasure World Grand Championship in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 Escapee continued his winning ways by becoming the Reserve World Champion Ladies Show Pleasure with Jennifer Pendleton up.

Look at his confirmation and look at his pedigree, and his fee. He is a Win Win Win in the most knowledgeable breeders breeding plans.

Escapee stallion portrait by Darien Williams.

Escapee montage by Luka.

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