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He's A Neon Moon Ace's Silver Streak Ace's Silver 'N Gold Ace's Spitfire
K's Bonnie Bell
Telstar's Saffire B. Julie's Rebel
Golden Telstar B.
Ultra Joy Ride Royal Ivory Favorites Bold Gold E.
Christmas Gold E.
Twice Roses Pride's Ultra Threat
Eb's Fortune Delight
X-Ray's Buckaroo X-Ray Eyes Bud England England's Pride
Belle England
Velvet's Wishes Come True. Favorite's Bold Gold E.
Velvet Lady E.
Man's Queen Of The Nile Man Of Pride Pride Of Midnight H.F.
Old Glory's Red Lady
Final's Cleopatra Pride's Final Edition
Threat's Merry Ann


Owner: Five Star Stallions

2024 Stud Fee: $500 due prior to breeding.

DOB: 5/16/2007

TWHBEA Number 20704388
Height 15.2 hands

                                     Historical Pedigree              Champion Progeny

Call Me John Wayne has reached Legendary status among those that breed for the golden coats of Buckskin and Palomino. He is the stallion that produces the guaranteed gold coats of buckskin and Palomino but what sets his foals apart is that they WIN! His colts have that true Walking Horse gait, with back end and head shake to compete with the best of the best. He is a beautiful stallion as these photographs prove.

Call Me John Wayne has the refinement to produce the most beautiful foals.

He is the “horse of a different color” that produces the “show horses of a different color”!

Call Me John Wayne has a powerful physique.

He passes that great back-end on to his foals.

Here are just a few of his foals that have reached Championship acclaim include;

International and TWHBEA National Futurity Champion Culturally Contravertual a buckskin/tobiano son of Call Me John Wayne.


4 Time International Champion and 5 Time NWHA National Champion and WHOA Pleasure Horse Of The Year My Ravina.


11 Time International Champion, 5 Time NWHA National Champion and Reserve World Champion Buck Naked C.


8 Time International and 7 Time NWHA National Champion Shes Flirtin With Disaster


World and Reserve World Champion Megabucks MM.


To say he’s a proven producer of Champion Show Horses is an understatement!

Call Me John Wayne is a Perlino with the color genetics of CrCr, AA. Ee which means he his Homzygous for the Cream gene. Homozygous for the Agouti gene and is Black base coat but does carry the Red gene. He sires predominately Buckskin foals with the occasional Palomino. He also sires Perlino and Cremello foals from mares that also carry the Cream gene. Being Double Agouti he will not sire a Smokey Black foal.

Beautiful, Athletic and Pleasant; Call Me John Wayne.

We are very excited to offer a stallion of this quality. Call today to book your mare to the legendary Call Me John Wayne.

Stallion portrait of Call Me John Wayne by Darien Williams.

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