Stallion Team Building

At Sugar Creek, we pride ourselves on having a finger on the pulse of the market. We understand the current economic conditions facing breeders. We also know it takes knowledgeable breeders to build a stallion’s career. It’s this TEAMWORK we want to expand on.

We analyze and observe many young stallions and try to make the right picks for our breeders to be successful. We have 3 stallions that are new to our breeders. They are WGC Jimmer Fredette a son of Lined With Cash, WGC No Mas Tequila a son of WGC Jose’ Jose’ and WGC Minor Ordeal a son of WGC Arm’s Deal For Real M.

These 3 stallions have proven themselves as young horses, they come from very productive maternal lines and all 3 beautiful individuals. No Mas and Minor are breeding their first mares while Jimmer is already a World Champion sire from his first foal from limited breeding at home.

To thank our breeders in their efforts we are offering a Bonus Fee program on each of these stallions. To become a part of the Bonus Fee program a breeder buys one stallion fee to one these 3 stallions before the end of May 2023 and they will get a Bonus Fee on that stallion to use either in 2023 or 2024.

We have 20 Bonus Fee certificates for each of these 3 stallions. So, call Sugar Creek at 931-680-0897 or email David Williams at to get on either Team Jimmer, Team Deal, or Team No Mas. All three stallions ae very good shippers so any can be shipped to your location with success.

We feel this program will aid our breeders in producing the best in marketable colts while aiding their bottom line. It is a benefit to these stallions to get their offspring in the showrings where we are sure our projections for these stallions will be proven.

David W. Williams

Sugar Creek

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