Rising Star Ranch announces The Yearling Gathering Quiet Sale.

Rising Star Ranch announces The Yearling Gathering Quiet Sale.We are excited to announce that we will be selling yearlings in a very non-traditional way this year. We are adapting the “Silent Auction /EBay format to selling yearlings.

Prospective buyers can come and view these yearlings at any time during our regular operating hours. If you would like to schedule a time to see some outside of those times appointments can be made. We will also have a couple of Rising Star “After Dark” sessions after the show at night for those prospective buyers.  The “After Dark” sessions will be announced on our Facebook page in plenty of time so you can make arrangements and come out after the show, visit with friends and see some of the best yearlings our breed has to offer.

When you come to our farm you may have a few yearlings in mind to look at in our show pen or you may want to walk the stalls and view them and make a list of what you would like to see in motion. Ask one of our staff working the show pen and we will promptly show that yearling to you in the order of the requests that are made.

Prospective buyers will register in our office and receive a Bidder Number. They will use this number as they make bids on the horses they would like to purchase.

All Yearlings will be in their respective stalls with their information sheets with relevant comments for each yearling along with their pedigree and Bid Sheet.  I will post an example of the bid sheet very soon. Prospective buyers would make their bids on the bid sheet on the stall door of that particular yearling. A Sharpie Marker will be provided close at hand for you to make your bid.

The Bid Sheet will include, The Yearling Name and TWHBEA Registration number. It will also include an in-house yearling identification number, a Minimum Bid advance amount and the “Buy Me Now” price for that yearling.

If you would like to purchase that yearling without going through the bid process, just submit the “Buy Me Now” amount to the farm office and you will be the new owner.

When an initial bid is made, any other prospective buyer must submit an amount over the previous bid by at least the Minimum Bid Advance amount. Any bid less than the minimum bid advance amount will not be considered a bid to progress the auction. The Yearling Gathering Quiet Sale will begin on Monday August 19th and will run through sometime during the second week of the Celebration. Pay attention to the bid sheets because each will be labeled with a different ending time during that second week.

We are very excited to try this new process and have gotten great feedback on it. You can view the yearlings at your leisure and come back many times to get a level of comfort with what you are buying. Your trainer who is very busy with the show can come and look at his convenience and to offer hisor her advice. You will have over 100 yearlings to choose from and they will be at many different price levels. You may even see a few broodmares available using this format. So please come out and visit the stallions and view the yearlings and mares we will have for sale.

More details will be forthcoming on our Facebook page or call our offices at Rising Star at 931-680-0897.

Our current listing of yearlings that are now on-site can be seen at the following link.

For Sale

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