Sugar Creek Customer Service List

As of 1/1/2024-All rates subject to change.     Printable PDF

Board Rates

Pasture Mare-Includes Pasture and Hay                                                   $12.00/Day
Dry mare in a Stall-Includes Hay and Grain Twice Daily                             $20.00/Day
Wet Mare in a Stall-Includes Hay and extra Grain Twice Daily                     $22.00/Day
Horses entered or purchased in Sugar Creek Auctions-Stall                       $20.00/Day

Lab Fees

Lab fee for semen preparation                                                     $20.00/per insemination dose
Lab Fee applies to all Semen Pick Ups and Drive In Breedings and On Farm Breedings.

Shipping of Semen

One Semen Shipment in Approved Container via Fed Ex or UPS        $275.00 per shipment
(Customer required to return container within 2 days after shipment)
Two breeding doses provided unless limited on stallion semen that day.

Stallion Collection

Collecting Non-Resident Stallion and analyzing semen for viability   $175.00 per collection

Foal Delivery

Foaling out mare with use of Foal-Alert and an attendant                    $425.00

Sale Consignment

Consigning Horse to Sugar Creek for Online Sale                          10% of Sale Price
Consigning Horse to Cataloged Sale at Sugar Creek                      $100.00 + 10% Sale Price
Sale Prep for Day of Sale entries for Non-Sugar Creek Sale               $200.00

Net proceeds will be paid to consignor no later than 14 business days from date of transaction.


Breeding Kit (Syringe, Glove and Insemination tube)                             $20.00

Credit Card Processing fee                                                               2.8% of Total Sale

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