For The Seller

Selling In A Sugar Creek Online Sale

  1. There is no consignment fee, no sale fee, or any fee to enter. Provide us with GOOD photos and all the information for your entry such as registered name and TWHBEA registration number etc. All the information we will need will be on our easy online entry form. For the 2023 Barefoot and Pregnant Sale the form is at the link below.

2. Enter all the information we need, and you can also submit photographs of your entry through the above form. IF you have video and the file is large, you can email those for your entry to:

3. That’s it! We will do all the pedigree research and include our comments on what we feel the buyers need to know about your entry. Your entry will stay at your farm until sold and when sold we will contact you on when to deliver your entry to Sugar Creek. A coggins test will be required for each entry sold at the seller’s expense. We will deduct 10% from the final sales price for our commission. So, as you see, if we don’t sell your entry, it costs you nothing.

For the Buyer

To place a bid you must be registered and logged in. If you haven’t registered and you make a bid a pop-up will appear at the top of the screen (you may have to scroll up to see it). There you will have the option of registering if you haven’t registered before or logging in with your previously registered Username and Password. After you have registered and logged in the system you will go back and bid again on that entry and the system will accept your bid.

Many auctions are on the “proxy” system whereas you may place a bid on an entry for $4,000 but the next bid increment is $3500. Your bid will be at the next bid increment and the system will keep you bid in until such time someone makes a bid higher than your total proxy bid. You can at that time bid again with a new proxy bid if you like.

Every entry will have a reserve price to be met to be sold. On each entry’s page it will be noted if the reserve has or has not been met. If an auction ends and the reserve price has not been met the highest bidder at the end of the auction will be contacted by email and will be informed of the reserve and will have first opportunity to meet the reserve and purchase the entry. If the highest bidder passes on meeting the reserve the opportunity goes to the next highest bidder and so on.

If you have the winning bid on an entry please contact our offices at 931-680-0897 or David Williams at 931-639-1081 to make payment arrangements and arrange for pick-up.

Any entries stalled at Sugar Creek will automatically become the responsibility of their new owner. The new owners board on that purchase will begin the day after that entry’s auction has closed. Your new purchase will be kept on stall board at $20/day until such time you can make arrangements to pick up your purchase.

If you have questions about and entry or the process either message us through the messaging system in the auction or email us directly at

Thank you for participating in Sugar Creek Auctions!

David W. Williams

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