Breeders Bonus

To be eligible a breeder must purchase 2 stallion fees from ANY of the stallions that are under contract at Rising Star Ranch in 2019.

The stud fees must be purchased at Rising Star Ranch between 1/1/19 and 5/31/19. This will enter the purchaser of the stallion fees in a drawing to receive 1 FREE stallion fee to a stallion under contract with Rising Star Ranch in 2020.

The winning person must use their Breeder’s Bonus fee during the 2020 breeding season which begins September of 2019 and runs thru August of 2020.

There will be 3 winners drawn. The first name of a winning breeder drawn out will have first choice. The second winner will have the second choice and third winner will have third choice. Once a stallion is chosen it is not an eligible choice for the following winners.

Our Breeder’s Bonus is just a small way for us to show our appreciation to those breeders who continue to choose Rising Star Ranch.

⦁ Purchase 2 Stud fees to any Rising Star Ranch contracted stallions between 1/1/19 and 5/31/19
⦁ Names will be drawn at the conclusion of the purchase period.
⦁ A Total of 3 winners will receive their choice of breeding to a stallion under contract with Rising Star in 2020.
⦁ Breeders Reward Fee MUST be used during the 2020 breeding season.


Q-Does it matter which stallions that I purchase a fee for?

A-No, for example you could purchase a fee to Cool Alen Jackson and a fee to Midnight At The Ritz. This will make you eligible for the drawing for a Jose’ Jose’ fee if you so choose.

Q-Can I hold my fee over another year until I am ready to breed?

A-The fee is only good for the 2020 breeding season. If not used will expire at the end of the 2020 breeding season which begins September of 2019 and ends August of 2020.

Q-Can Sell or transfer the Breeder’s Reward Fee?

A-No that fee is for our winning breeder to use. It cannot be sold or transferred to another party.

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