Traditional Stallion Cards

In this day of digital media, we have gotten away from the traditional printed stallion card that was the ultimate advertisement of stallions for many, many years. I have been to many a mare owners barn where they had the stallion card of the stallion they were breeding their mares to framed and hanging in their barn or efficiently kept in a folder with their mare’s pedigree. At Rising Star Ranch we want to bring back the tradition of having a stallion card for each stallion which a customer can print at their own home and do the same with as in the past. The cards consist of a photograph of the stallion on the front and his pedigree and connection information on the back. For the “pedigree geeks”, of which I consider myself one, they can compare pedigrees and find that right match for their mare. Click on the photograph link below of each stallion to go to a pdf of their card. When printing to make sure you get front and back in proper alignment always make sure printer is prompted to Landscape Mode, Print On Both Sides and Flip on Short Side.

David Williams

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